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Arthur R. Carmano

Professional Work Experience:

  • Assistant Bergen County Counsel
  • Regulatory Officer, NJ Board of Public Utilities
  • Judge, Edgewater Municipal Court
  • Judge, Creskill Municipal Court
  • Oceanlifeguard, Borough of Lavallette

For more than 30 years, Arthur R. Carmano has defended clients facing criminal charges in New Jersey. As founder of the Carmano Law Firm, he has built upon his experience as a former municipal court judge and assists people with legal topics such as divorce, bankruptcy and immigration.

It's no accident that this accomplished swimmer and ocean lifeguard has rushed to the rescue of so many deserving clients. When you are in trouble with the law or simply need legal advice, you should contact an experienced, skilled attorney. In addition to being a New Jersey native, raised and educated here, Mr. Carmano is an experienced lawyer you can count on.

Our phone number in Englewood is 732.761.0001 or you can reach us by e-mail. Spanish or Korean language interpretation on request.

1973 Lavallette Beach Sqaud


December 2, 2008

1.5 Miles (ocean swim) 41:14.0 min **
1.0 Miles (ocean swim) 27:29.0 min **
50 Yard Free (pool) 36.86 sec *
100 Yard Free (pool) 1:21.92 min *
200 Yard Free (pool) 3:01.79 min *

* Masters
** Masters, Ocean Lifeguard


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Arthur R. Carmano

Attorney At Law

55 West Main Street
Freehold, NJ 07728

Phone: 732.761.0001
Fax: 732.761.0101